It was around 2010 when I first heard about “suspended coffee”. At this point if you’re asking what is suspended coffee – then read this, this or this. It wasn’t even called suspended coffee back then. I heard it as a Turkish tradition and they called it “hanging bread”. People would pay forward and “hang” breads in the bakeries for others to pick up, it sounded too good to be true! What a wonderful way to share good with others.

I had to learn more. I immediately did some research and found about suspended coffee – Caffe Sospeso, the story of the guy in Naples. Back then there was no website (like about it, just a few news articles here and there, that’s all. But this was too good to be known by just a few cafes here and there, it had to be a supported tradition everywhere, and not just for coffee, it had to be surfaced, expanded and be used in any way the helpful community directs it. Everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket, making a mobile app, connecting users and venues, improving visibility, mixing in some social features and reservations and that recipe should hold!

Well, after a few failed attempts to make this a team effort, it took me 6 more years to say “I must do this” and here we are.. Sospeso – the app – is almost ready.. It’s still cooking, but its on the right track. Read more about it in the following posts..